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Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna - the Malta Heritage Trust, a registered voluntary non-governmental organization (VO 0/117), is committed to preserving and promoting cultural heritage. We safeguard historic sites, from baroque forts and towers to 20th-century concrete bunkers. We also undertake tree planting at our nature park in Kalkara established by us. 



  • Raising of public awareness about Malta’s cultural heritage and the need to preserve it through responsible stewardship.

  • Restoration of derelict heritage monuments and buildings, and repurposing them for meaningful use.

  • Facilitating public access to the heritage monuments, buildings, and sites under its guardianship.

  • Establishment and maintenance of cultural heritage museums and curated collections.

  • Documentation and preservation of oral histories related to Malta’s rich cultural heritage.



FWA's heritage portfolio is varied and covers some 500 years of continued history. It includes notable landmarks such as a grand baroque gate, which, used to serve as the primary entrance to the 7km long Cottonera Lines, and a Victorian fort housing the world’s largest cannon. Additionally, it encompasses coastal towers, batteries, and various 20th-century concrete defences. 

FWA is governed by a board of trustees, whose role is to formulate the general policy, and to safe-guard the aims of FWA as spelled out in the organisation’s statute. The daily management of the trust is entrusted to the office of the Chief Executive Officer. This office is made up from a small core of full-time personnel assisted by part-time and volunteer staff. 


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