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General view of Gallery #1 at the Malta Time-Gun Museum, Valletta, Malta


The Malta Time-gun Museum is located in a sunken 16th-century battery, which formed part of the original Valletta defenses. It was later converted into a crypt for the St. George's Garrison Church built over it in 1856. During the last four decades of the 19th century, this building was also used to store large quantities of gunpowder barrels. In effect, the museum serves as an extension of the Saluting Battery, narrating its history and presenting its collection. Additionally, the museum provides information about the history of ceremonial salutes, the use of cannon and time-balls for time-signals in relation to sea navigation, and the evolution of artillery and cannon making.

The museum is a thematic one where the artefacts on display are arranged within the context of the four main subjects covered - the history and evolution of gunpowder, artillery, navigation and time signals. The rich collection on display consists of time, navigational and gunnery instruments along with original uniforms, small arms ammunition and rare period cannon models. Amongst the main exhibits, one can find historic artillery formerly in use at the Saluting Battery, namely 24/32-pr iron Blomfield muzzle-loading guns; a 24-pr garrison Carronade; an 18-pr field gun, a US-made 18/75mm field gun and a 25-pr gun. Furthermore, a 40mm Bofors gun the type of which, was emplaced at the Saluting Battery during World War Two can also be found. Another important piece of ordnance is an Italian 1551 bronze saker belonging to the Order of St. John along with a curious signal mortar.

There is also a rich collection of artillery instruments including rare 16th century bombardier 'cento-venti' daggers, gun levels and range finders.

The Saluting Battery was active between 1570 and 1947 before being restored to its present form in 2004. It served various functions, from being Malta's designated national ceremonial platform to its official time marker. A noon-day gun was fired from here precisely at mid-day, six days a week between 1824 and 1923. This signal regulated the on-board clocks of the fleet and civilian mariners present in the harbor, which they later used to find the longitude at sea



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Malta Time Gun-Museum

Saluting Battery

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Monday - Saturday: 10.00 - 16:30

Last admission- 16:00 

(Except on 24,25 and 31 Dec, 1 Jan, Good Friday and Easter)

Malta Time-Gun Museum, Castille St, Valletta, Valletta, VLT1221, Malta

Members: FREE

Adult (16+ years old): €6

Child (5-15 years old): €3

Tickets include guided tour, audio-guide and free entrance to the Saluting Battery

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