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Enhanced Interpretation at the Lascaris War Rooms

New interpretation boards were installed at the Combined Operations Room at the Lascaris War Rooms. Two large panels were installed in the operations room proper to provide additional information about its use on 9/10 July 1943 by General Eisenhower for the launching of Operation Husky - the Allied invasion of Sicily. At the time, the war rooms at Lascaris served as Eisenhower's Tactical HQ. It remained in that role for a week after which Eisenhower was compelled to move his headquarters to Sicily proper to be closer to the front as a result of the unexpected progress made by the Allied forces in invading the island. There is also biographical information about the chief allied commanders who were present in the room on that faithful day namely General Eisenhower - supreme commander, Admiral of the Fleet Andrew Cunningham - naval commander, Air Marshal Arthur Tedder - air commander, General Alexander Harold - deputy commander and commander of land forces and General Montgomery, commander of the British 8th Army.

Another part of the Combined Operations block has been provided with story boards and monitor screens. In this area, the subject of military combined operations as conducted from the operations room below is dealt in detail.

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