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Exploring Family Legacy: Retracing George Alexander Raby's Footsteps at Lascaris War Rooms

Last week Peter Milinets-Raby from the UKaccompanied by his wife Vera and son Aleksandr visited the Lascaris War Rooms in Valletta. Their purpose was that of retracing Peter's father, George Alexander Raby's footsteps while serving in Malta with the Royal Navy. George was the only Mediterranean Gyroscopic specialist in the Mediterranean Fleet at the time. He also maintained the Fleet's cinema equipment in Malta. In total he visited the island on two separate tours of duty the last one being from 1958 until 1961. On both occasions he served at the then Royal Navy's Mediterranean Fleet's HQ at HMS Lascaris of which the Lascaris War Rooms formed an integral part.

George was a prolific artist and during his stay he decorated the HMS Phoenicia Chief Petty Officer's Mess Lounge with an Egyptian theme and turned the Activities Room at the Manoel Island Club into an undersea grotto with mermaids. He also redesigning the Men Only Club on Manoel Island with an African theme. George was a prolific artist who specialised in the painting of the human figure with an emphasis on women. He was also an accomplished photographer taking numerous slides and film of scenes in Malta.

Given his connection with the Lascaris War Rooms, FWA is currently coordinating with the Milinets-Raby family to hold an art exhibition with George Alexander Raby's paintings many of which he had painted while working at Lascaris.


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