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Malta's Saluting Battery Honours New President with Timeless Tradition

The Armed Forces of Malta's saluting battery has today deployed at the Saluting Battery, Valletta to fire a national gun salute during the swearing in of the new President of the Republic. Four 25pr QF MkI field guns were used with pairs of them positioned on either side of the 32pr SBBL saluting armament. This is not the first time that the armed forces of Malta has fired gun salutes from the Saluting Battery on state occasions. Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna - the Malta Heritage Trust is very pleased to see that its hard work in restoring the Saluting Battery to its former use is bearing fruit and that once again the ancient saluting platform is being used by the state for the same purpose that it has been used by Malta's successive rulers (Order of St. John, French Republic and Britain) as far back as 1566. Tutela Bellica Virtutis.

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