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Finally Mario Farrugia's biography of Colonel Henry Anderson Morshead, Commander Royal Engineer (1829 - 1831), and Acting Governor of Malta and a study of his funerary monument at the Saluting Battery in Valletta has arrived. It includes a detailed account of his life and times especially his three years in Malta along with an analysis of the artistic scene at the time to pin down the likely sculptor responsible for Morshead's funerary monument. The book was published for FWA by Midseabooks and was kindly sponsored by the Bank of Valletta pls. It is hardbound, contains 230 pages and is thoroughly illustrated in colour. Includes some rare imagery of Malta during the first part of the British period including fortifications plans most of which appearing for the first time.

The book is being launched at a public lecture that I am giving organised by FWA at the Embassy Hotel in Valletta on 7 May 2024 at 18.30hrs. Copies are solely available from the Saluting Battery and the Malta Time-gun Museum in Valletta with all proceeds going towards the part restoration and reconstruction of the subject monument. To book a place for the lecture please send an email: at the end of the lecture I will be available for book signing.

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