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In the 1990s, Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna - the Malta Heritage Trust was instrumental in saving the wartime Birguma Heavy Anti-aircraft battery from certain destruction following protests and lengthy lobbying with the Planning Authority. From the Times of Malta photograph one can see that despite this the quarrying was still allowed to almost reach the outer face of the gun emplacements not to miss one inch of aggregate to sell! It is inconceivable how the further exploitation of this very unsightly quarry is being allowed and encouraged by the pertinent authorities when the present government is committed to establish a heritage trail along the Victoria Lines for which costly preliminary works have already started.

FWA appeals to both the government and the pertinent authorities to reconsider the quarrying extension permit in question and instead see that the quarry is rehabilitated in such a way as to blot out its present ugliness and recreate the the original lie of the land to compliment the upcoming Victoria Lines Heritage Trail.

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